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Parks and Recreation Department

Hello and welcome to Tahoe City Parks and Recreation Departmentwebsite. You can call in, mail in, fax or stop by to register for any programs listed on the link on our register page. To view, go to the Parks and Recreation tab and scroll down to Register. Then click the link that says Register Online by Clicking Here. This will bring you to our Activinet Registration System where you can Create an Account or simply View Activities. If you have any questions, please call our office at the Rideout Community Center at 530-583-3440.

Parks & Recreation Provides Economic Benefit to Our Community

How To Be Involved

TCPUD has reformatted its formal public input process for Parks & Recreation issues. Several times a year meetings related to specific topics will be held. If you are interested in receiving these agendas please email or call us. Special meetings will be listed on the upcoming meetings page. If you have comments or feedback, please contact us at anytime.

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The Future

As stewards of your parks facilities and recreation tax dollars, we pledge our continued commitment to meeting the needs of our community in the highest quality, most cost-effective and efficient manner. As our community changes, we will change too!

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Community Tourism & Special Events

The economic benefits of parks and recreation services are often a catalyst for tourism.

  • Tourism is a $417 billion industry that provides $58 billion in federal and state taxes
  • Visitors to public parks and outdoor recreation area support 238,500 jobs in the California economy
  • The impact of a multi-state softball tournament generated about $500,000 in revenues for Lodi and San Joaquin County
  • Since 1983, jobs with the travel industry have grown 38%, compared to 21% overall for California industries
  • Travel and tourism will soon become the leading industry in Southern California, and is a thriving industry throughout the state. Local “day-trips” are on the rise in some areas while two-week “traveling vacations” are on the decline

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Property Value Benefit

Property owners near a park vicinity are more likely to experience enhanced property values and improved neighborhood settings

  • Property values increase due to park and recreation services effort to preserve waterfront and lands and to offer convenient educational and recreational opportunities, attractive views and wildlife enhancement * The presence of parks encourages real estate development and expanding tax base * In a 1993 study conducted in Greeley, Colorado, home located in close proximity to quality recreation facilities sold for 8%-10% higher than homes not located near facilities
  • Land within a one-mile corridor of the American River Parkway in Sacramento has additional property value, because of its location, of an estimated $150 million per year
  • In Boise, Idaho, over $10 million of investment into the 9.5-mile Boise River Greenbelt has improved appraised property values within the Greenbelt to over $200 million. Property values of underdeveloped land are $26,000 - $34,000 per acre near the greenbelt as opposed to $10,000 - $17,000 not near the greenbelt!

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Business Opportunities Increase

Communities benefit from new business locations when parks and recreation facilities are an asset to business relocation.

  • For every $1 invested by an increase of a job and income generated by parks and recreation activities, $3 will be returned to the community
  • Parks and open space provide commercial uses due to opportunities for businesses and film locations
  • The Joint Economic Committee if the US Congress reports that quality of life aspects, such as recreational opportunities and open space, are more important that purely business elated factors in attracting new business
  • Parks and recreation services motivate business relocation and expansion by helping to reduce the high costs of vandalism and criminal activity
  • Visitors to public parks and outdoor recreation areas support 238,000 jobs in California's economy

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Parks & Recreation Committee Members

Ron Treabess, Board of Director
Judy Friedman, Board of Director

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Committee Meeting Location

District Office Board Room at 221 Fairway Drive.
Contact District Clerk at 530.583.3796 or email for upcoming meeting schedule.

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Resident Discount Policy

Each resident annually pays property taxes of which an average of $160 is used to subsidize parks and recreation services. Since residents of the District are already paying property taxes, they receive a discount. Non-residents will then pay slightly more for services since they are not making a contribution to the property tax base.

Most, if not all, park and recreation providers in the Lake Tahoe basin and throughout the country have a similar fee schedule. The new fees apply to all programs and services except afterschool programs, camping, the daily boat ramp launch fee and boat ramp season passes.

If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact the Tahoe City PUD Recreation Department at your convenience by calling (530) 583-3440.

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740 Timberland Drive • P0 Box 5249, Tahoe City, CA 96145
Voice: 530-583-3440 • Fax: 530-583-8452

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